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12/15/20 6:12 A

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Hi! My name is Andreea. I have 2 girls, one is 3 yo and one only 5 months. After my seco d pregnancy i gained 6 more kg. Now I am tryung to build very healthy habits because I am breastfeeding. Ofcourse if I loose some weight is great, but first in my mind is the baby. :)

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12/30/16 10:49 P

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Hi. My name is Rochelle. I am not new to sparkpeople but it has been years since I was last on and things have changed a lot for me. I have one child, a little girl named Phoebe. She will be a year in March. When I was on SP last, I was childless, a developing gym rat and I lost weight fast. These days I just look at food and I gain. I lost weight during my pregnancy with her but after I enjoyed that initial 30 lbs drop and its been on the rise ever since. I was devastated because I was hardcore about breastfeedinga and seriously looked forward to the perks of longer without a period and the weight loss everybody swore happened and neither turned out to be the way it was for me, my period was back in less than 5 weeks and I have gained about 20 lbs from my highest weight. Really what I am looking for on SP is more the social aspect. I don't have friends and no one really encourages things I do so I am looking to find people on here who will need encouragement and aren't shy on offering it. Sharing a common goal always motivates me to excell.


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10/5/16 1:53 P

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Welcome to the Parents of Infants (Up to Age 2) Team Forum!

We are SO thrilled for you to be here! I decided to make a NEW Introduction sticky as the last sticky (beside's my intro) had not been posted on since 2015! YIKES, that's been a while! In my effort to revive this board, I think it's important that we start fresh!

Tell us who you are, about your little one(s), and what brings you to SparkPeople? You can share as much or as little as you like! Either way, we are excited to have you as part of the team and look forward to getting to know you and to know your story!

My name is Kristin! I live just outside of Columbus, Ohio with my three beautiful boys (Elijah - 7; Zachary - 3; Gideon (Gio) - 5 months) and my fiance, Joshua.

I had Gio in April at 37 weeks, he was my final baby. I had my third c-section (a classical c-section) and unfortunately due to my weight and my spinal injury, the spinal block wore off and I felt the whole thing. I had a decent recovery though, but I experienced some postpartum depression with him (despite my best efforts). I had severe postpartum depression with my older two boys. Gio is MSPI (Milk/Soy Protein Intolerant), he has severe eczema, and also has a horseshoe kidney with moderate hydronephrosis in the left kidney. He's my little bubble boy, as my fiance likes to put it. He's my sweet little tomato (he gets so red when he's mad) though, so it's all good to me.

I am on a weight-loss journey, and I would like to lose about 148 lbs (long term). I weighed 348 at my last weigh in on Sept. 6, 2016. I'm going about my weight-loss journey by means of portion control and through therapy as well.

I didn't really gain that much weight with Gio, but I haven't been able to lose after him. I lost a considerable amount after both of my older two boys, but not this time. I've been overweight most of my life, but I've been on a wild ride with gaining and losing weight and struggled with an eating disorder as well.

I recently re-joined SP and when I joined this board I saw that it was inactive and had been for quite some time, I felt compelled to pull it from the rubble and hopefully bring it back to life. I really and truly want to make this board a place of support for newer parents and even those who have already been there/done that, but just need some support after having a new baby or while their baby is still an infant to get their body and life back on track.

I've experienced a lot as a parent to three boys and in general in my life, so I'm definitely someone who can say they've been there. If you ever need anything, feel free to send me a message! I'm nearly always online and will offer a listening ear.

It's difficult to be a parent and also to be on a journey to lose weight... You have so many things to balance and juggle, so many things to figure out. So, I'm here and I really want to try to bring this board back to the surface. There are parents out there with new babies and children under two on this website, who need a supportive team - so I want to be that supportive team for them.

Let's make this team great! I look forward to working with you guys!

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