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7/4/12 4:12 A

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Oh, how I miss Chicago (and Reza's and Rajun Cajun and Dixie Kitchen and Zaiqa...). Your "three bakeries between home and the gym" made me laugh out loud. Welcome back to SparkPeople.

I wonder, since it's one of the things I really miss about Chicago, if you've looked for opportunities to hook up with other people for exercise? In a city of 8 million, there are bound to be other people interested in exactly the same activities at times that are convenient for you. I know, for me, that I am much less likely to bail on a workout if a friend is expecting to see me.

Best wishes regaining your healthy lifestyle.


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6/22/12 2:29 P

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Hi Beth
I too like you come and go from Spark and I really dont know why that is, I guess lack of being motivated. We both need to take our health seriously and focus on ourselves permanently not just every now and then. I will make you a promise that I will continue to utilize Spark to help me lose the weight that I know I need to lose for my own health. I was diagnosed with a heart condition about 18 months ago and that should have seriously kicked me in the butt to get moving but it wasn't. Now I am at the point where I dont want to look at myself even with clothes on, so I am serious this is the time for both of us to make a life time change.

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6/21/12 9:03 P

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thanks for your story, Beth. You have reminded me to not give up. We can do it, girl!

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6/21/12 8:09 P

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I have been an on-again, off again Spark-er, and am now trying to get on-again. I moved to Chicago from Michigan about 9 months ago, and despite giving up my car and walking and/or using public transportation to get everywhere, I have managed to gain about 10 pounds, which puts me back in the "overweight" category. Well, depending on the day's weight fluctuations :)

In 2005, I was 210 pounds (I'm 5'7") and made some life changes that brought me down to 163, a size I hadn't been since 2001. I went back up to 175 in 2006, went allll the way down to 142 in 2007, and worked my way back up to 165 by last year. Last summer I had a lot of inner conflict and worked it off with running, and I quickly dropped off 15 pounds. Of course, then I moved to Chicago, and I wasn't so angry anymore, and therefore didn't feel the need to run it off anymore :) I was also busy finishing up an online master's degree, and MY GOODNESS I DON'T NEED TO TELL MANY OF YOU HOW GOOD THE FOOD IS IN CHICAGO! I remember when my doctor pointed out I'd gained 5 pounds earlier this year -- I told him that there are three bakeries between my apartment and the gym. I have since switched gyms, so this is no longer the case. Hopefully this will have a positive effect on my waist. :)

I am not a yo-yo dieter so much as a yo-yo exerciser. Whenever I go to the gym A LOT and vigorously exercise A LOT, it helps to decrease my appetite, and gives me less time to graze around my kitchen (and less time to stop at the bakery). Walking 5 miles a day unfortunately does not provide the same effect!

I had a couple of health wake up calls recently that reminded me to get back on track. I had severe stomach pains recently and finally connected it to drinking too much (20 drinks in 5 days, for the curious--not something I normally do!). I don't plan on giving up drinking, but think about it -- if each of those drinks was even only 150 calories, that was 3000 calories in booze alone! Also, one of my co-workers recently died of a heart attack.. at the age of 46. It made me realize that I need to really take my health seriously, and take care of this body I've got--since it's the only one I've gotten! I look forward to making some Spark Friends as the handful of friends I have in town don't have any of the issues with food or motivation that I do, so I need some positive reinforcement. So hello everyone!


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