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4/18/13 9:48 P

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Welcome to our team!

I don't have quite the brood that you do but I do have plenty of pets of my own and I love them all!! I only have one cat though and that is just the way he likes it! He has 2 of my 3 dogs afraid of him and he likes that too!!

Well, again welcome and can't wait to hear more about you and your cat family!

Cherie, from Wisconsin

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4/15/13 8:36 A

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something about tennessee and cats I guess. I don't have any cats now all mine left. I do have 2 dogs now. I have always liked cats best .(until now) would not take anything for my dogs.

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10/12/12 11:11 A

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10/11/12 10:13 P

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Welcome Attack! So good to have you hear. Wow! You went from one family (marriage) to another didn't you???? Well, way to go. You gave all those babies of yours another chance at life. I commend you highly and wish you well with your desire to get more involved in rescues. I too have a big dream to be surrounded by my animals (of all kinds) someday in my own business.

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10/11/12 2:30 P

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Welcome! You're definitely in the right place! You really DO have a herd! LOL

Love is the root of all things good in life.

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10/11/12 1:43 P

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Hi all! CatLadyX8 invited me to join this team, so I thought I'd introduce myself.

I am a 31 year old from TN who has a herd of cats. Yes, a herd. I looked it up and a group of cats is typically called a "clowder" but I feel herd is much more accurate, particularly at dinnertime. I actually have eleven, all rescues. I started off with three, but thanks to an ex-husband who knew I could never say no to a cat, well, here I sit with eleven. And the funny part is, they are more self-sufficient than my ex ;)

Thankfully, I have a huge farmhouse that I got to keep from the divorce, so there's plenty of room. And they are all well cared for and spoiled like crazy.

I think I have most of them in my photos, but here's a small description of each:

Felix - my first kitty, now almost 11. He's the laid back one.
Tiger - his younger brother by 6 months. An old, cranky mancat who does not want any of the other cats in his bubble.
Winry - My tiny girl kitty, about 6 years old. She keeps to herself and just follows me around, crying when I'm in the shower.
Sidonia Tang - Girl kitty #2, probably about 5-6 years old. She doesn't meow at all, is very quiet, and very sweet.
Scamper - Girl kitty #3, same age. She's long haired, so I call her Princess Floof. She is usually distant and keeps to herself.
Magellan - Bob-tailed black cat, about 4-5. He is jealous of any other cat getting attention and wants to lay in my arms like a baby.
Don Juan Quixote - Tabby cat, about 7. Is pretty laid back unless he's terrorizing Tiger.
Kal-el - Big long-haired black and white cat with 3/4 of a tail, about 6 or 7. He's rather clumsy and has a squeaky meow.
Bagheera - About 5-6 years old pure black cat. He's a rather large cat both in frame and pounds. He is the pig, bully, and scaredy cat of the group. Sounds like a squeak toy when he meows.
Oreo - About 7-8 years old. Loves people, dislikes the other cats for the most part.
Reepicheep - the "kitten" at about 2 years old. Has some issues with polyps in his sinuses, but doesn't let that slow him down. He likes to play with all the other cats, but they don't like playing with him.

They all have their own personalities, which is both a good thing and bad thing depending on if someone is in a squabbling mood. They do get along most of the time, though.

It's not that I planned to have this many, but it ended up this way. They have been my lifeline through a lot of transition and pain in my life. I know I can take care of them and as frustrating as it can be sometimes to have that responsibility, I couldn't bear the thought of giving them up. I would like to find homes for some to maybe get down to 7 or 8, but with their ages, it's hard to do that. If I find some homes, great. If not, they will have a home here for the rest of their lives.

I don't plan to keep that many for the rest of my life, but I do have a desire to become involved in rescue efforts, low cost spay/neuter, and volunteering at some of the local no-kill shelters. I also love dogs, but obviously that is not an option right now...he/she would feel ganged up on ;)

Thanks for inviting me to join the team. I'm glad to be here and hope to be as active as possible.

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