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6/7/15 5:14 A
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emoticon Laura, Mzz has given you a lot of great ideas that can help.

Read, ask and read some more.

Jane on Guam

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6/6/15 10:52 A

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Hi VeganLady!

Welcome to our team!

As a vegan a couple of things come to mind, which you are prolly aware of but in case you're not, I'm going to put them out there...

Do you take B vitamins, specifically B12? Vegans often are low in B12 bc its usually only found in animal sources.

How to you get your protein? Soy protein has been found to bind thyroid hormones, and we generally advise team members to avoid it, or eat it in moderation.

Do you regularly eat sea veggies? They have a bunch of iodine and can throw off you thyroid, aggravate the anti-TPO antibodies of Hashimoto's. YES, you do need iodine, even if we are on a full dose of thyroid hormone, but we have to be real careful with it bc it can cause a big increase in those anti-TPO antibodies.

Do you eat a lot of goitrogens? These would be primarily from the cruciferous family of plants, things like broccoli,all the different varieties of cabbage, arugula, spinach? They bind iodine, which in turn lowers thyroid hormone production.

Vitamin C and B vitamins are wonderful for the adrenals, we recommend everyone eat vitamin C rich foods and supplement with a quality multi-B supplement.

Anemia, (either from a lack of B12, or iron), Low vitamin D will make you tired and worn out which when left untreated can lead to depression.

Hope you can use some of these tips!
: )

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6/5/15 11:29 P

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Hello I am Vegan too you will do fine on your diet I do and I am hyper thyroid and have gluten and milk problems

i also love einsteen and the way he got his ideas I love to travel on the spur of the moment and i love portland oregon, hawaii. I enjoy all forms of art and the galleries

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6/5/15 9:51 P

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Hi I am 30 years old and was just recently diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I had an abnormal result 6 months ago, that my doctor wasn't sure about so she began testing me for it more regularly. For some reason, each time I have had fasted blood work, is when they end up finding my abnormal TSH levels. This last time, about a week ago, they were at 9.5. The time in between, when my tsh was normal (and I wasn't fasted), my thyroid antibodies were high (I don't know the value) and so with these issues combine, this led to my diagnosis.

I believe this has been going on for a long time. As a teenager, I had irregular, heavy, and prolonged menstrual bleeding and mood problems. I was diagnosed with everything from bipolar disorder to depression to all kinds of other mental health problems, as well as PCOS. I haven't felt depressed or mentally unwell since 2006 or so, and after being on antidepressants for awhile without feeling like they made a difference, I went off them in 2012. For the most part, my life since then has improved greatly. In 2013 I started losing weight through better diet and exercise. I had become prediabetic and had high blood pressure which I needed to be medicated for until I lost 70 lbs and neither is a problem anymore. At the time I also had an iron deficiency which is under control now too. I know some of these issues I am describing are related to Hashimoto's and Hypothyroidism (which is what Hashimoto's is causing me).

For the past two years or so, I have also been experiencing intermittent depression/lack of energy. I knew, for certain this time, that it definitely wasn't depression. So many doctors were dismissive of me and assumed it was still depression/anxiety and my sleep issues. I was really frustrated, and the only thing that they found at first was a Vitamin D deficiency. However, my doctor finally started monitoring my thyroid levels, which is what led to my diagnosis in the first paragraph I wrote.

Despite this disease, I have been able to somehow have enough energy to train for a half marathon. I really hope that I can do it, although I'm starting to have a few doubts. I think I have had really good success despite the disease on a vegan diet, otherwise I don't think I would have been able to lose weight while having this condition and not taking medication for it. I was prescribed levothyroxine, and have been on it for 3 days now, I have already lost 2 lbs (my diet and exercise hasn't been as good lately so I'm surprised).

I am not interested in changing my diet at this time, since I want to see how the medication helps and what foods may trigger my symptoms. I know that I should cut out gluten and limit sugar if possible, but I'm not ready to yet. I am definitely not willing to give up being vegan though, as I do it for ethical reasons.

Anyways, that's my story as of right now. It's good to read stories of other people who experience this and know I'm not alone. Hopefully my story can do the same for others too. :)

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