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6/28/13 12:13 P

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I started in bed for 6 months, I have aPneumonia 2 months after my son passed, I lost 20lbs then gained 20lbs, my diabetics has been out of control since he passed 15 months ago., I was in control before he passed


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6/13/13 11:00 A

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There were many symptoms. The biggest being anxiety. I was anxious about everything. Mostly with death being the end result. I went on to have 3 more children after my son died plus one born before him. He passed away at 18months from a choking accident(breathed a piece of food in the "wrong tube" and it actually went into his lung and cut off his airway). The 1st child born after he died, I wouldn't let her have a bite of food till she was one! Everything was pureed. And it continued on from there. Every cry when I wasn't in the room I assumed was an emergency. I hated the constant anxiety and constant reminders that life is so very short and I could turn my back and another child of mine could be gone. When I was anxious, I couldn't put a straight thought together-everything else was a cloud and all I could think about was what was worrying me. Eventually I learned that my anxiety could be calmed by deep breathing and putting myself in the real moment without jumping to conclusions. It is hard work for me when I am anxious to take a step back, breathe deep and speak truth about whatever the situation is but it works.


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6/9/13 7:41 A

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Hello. My grief definitely impacted my health - I gained 25 pounds in the year following my daughter's death, was sick with a cold and/or flu for about 6 months straight (though tests showed no underlying reason for the repeated illnesses), and started experiencing insomnia (which continues to this day). I was not overly focused on my health at that time (before or after), so I don't have any tips for getting through it without losing sight of health goals. Over time my health improved, but I continue to have ups and downs with my weight etc. Good luck with your presentation!

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6/8/13 7:02 P

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How did your grief affect your health?
Have any of you experienced insomnia, self medication (alcohol, drugs, etc.), illness, lack of energy, food cravings, or a change in appetite, or another physiological symptom related to your loved one's death?

What happened to you, and what do you do to help keep your grief from de-railing your efforts to live a healthy life?
***OK, so the reason I'm asking y'all these questions is this:***
I've been asked to give a presentation to my local IRL suicide survivors support group (many members have lost a child to suicide) on how to maintain or improve your health while grieving. I want to give a broader range of experience than just my own. And I won't use any of your names, I promise.

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