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10/22/11 8:31 P

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We live in a small northern Minnesota town but we have the best clinic and vets ever, we are so lucky!! They will come to your home when it is time to put you friend down, they will answer any questions during check ups and they sit on the floor and talk to the dogs (they get kisses) .I really freaked when i lost one of my labs and the vet came to the house and then talked to me on the phone when i was still kind of a nut case. We have people that drive up here from the cities, Mnps./St. Paul to have their pets tended because the care is the best and they don't get ripped off. We have compared prices and care with people. Anyway, I am ever so thankful for our vet clinic, not sure how many vets we have , 3 or 4 or more. it is always clean and the staff is the best. i had to board Morgan the other nite while i was out of town for hubby's surgery and i had no worries at all, i knew she would be walked and cared for. I am so sorry for anyone that has a bad experience. Just thought I would add my experience in our little strggling No. Mn. town. Georgine

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10/14/11 4:39 P

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My vets office is nothing fancy and there is only one vet there. Years ago my Great Dane, Kalli, got bloat. She was only three years old. I called the vets and they had me bring her in. When I got her there it took about three hours to get her stable enough to transport her to a vet hospital about 45 minutes away. I was by myself at the time so my vet canceled her appointments the rest of the day and rode with me to the vet hospital in case Kalli had any problems. When I dropped her off back at her office she drove back to the vet hospital to assist with Kalli's surgery. Kalli made it through fine and she never had a reaccurance with bloat.


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I interviewed the first possible vet and my husband and I were both turned off by his manor. He seemed to be very cold. The next vet we met with was an absolute gem. He and his wife were in practice..she was an eye specialist. He helped me when we had to put Tyke to sleep. He turned on us and Dr. Barry said he had a personality disorder like humans get. There was nothing medical causing this change in him. Tyke was 12 years old. We adopted our Taffy from his assistant and she was a sweetheart. He took care of her until we moved and he has since retired. We found a good vet group where we live now but after a while I became unhappy because I would make an appt. with a specific vet and we'd go in and it would be someone else. My friend from church told me about her vet so we changed and am I glad we did. Oddly enough the vet's mom is a vet too and I had met her at the other place.

Our Taffy later died in my arms at the age of 22 the day before I was taking her in to be put to sleep. She was in kidney failure. I'm so glad we changed vets because Dr. Gail has been wonderful with helping us deal with Thor's diabetes. As you all know he's difficult to regulate.

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Elayne from the West coast of Fl.

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My best vet ever was my girl Trouble's first vet. I adopted trouble from the local shelter who told me she was 6 weeks old. Needless to say, she wasn't. She was 4 weeks old and horribly sick. It was terrible, she was going in all the time and there were times she was in 2 times a day for fluids (I just couldn't leave her - I was terrified I would leave her and she would die). There were 2 vets at the clinic I went to and both of them cared for Trouble. We had to take blood one day and she was so tiny there was a problem with the needle and she just cried. I looked up at the vet and he had tears in his eyes and he told her he was so sorry that he had to hurt her and he promised it would get better. They helped me with my bills as well. I credit them with her making it thought her first year. When I rescued Buddy and took him to the same vet he laughed and told him that he had it made.... I had to move and have missed those two vets dearly. Luckily, I have a wonderful vet now who works with all 3 of my cats and is a specialist in cats with FIV which Alcoa has. He is very patient with me and doesn't mind me asking a million and one questions. He also is smart enough and comfortable enough with himself to send Trouble to specialists when needed. Love him...

My worst experience was taking Trouble to a local ER vet at about 2 am during a massive asthma attack. The vet there had obviously been asleep and didn't give himself a real opportunity to wake up before trying to give Trouble a shot - which someone prevented him (thank you God) from doing because he had done the dosage size for a horse! He even chuckled about it...I was horrified...

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10/8/11 9:08 A

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My vet is great with my cats. She is fast, but thorough as to not cause my cats to much stress. She lets the cats roam the office and even lets my older cat open the cupboards to investigate them. Which my cat loves to do. When it's time for shots the vet assistants don't hold them down they just quickly clean the area and give the shot my cats don't even notice.

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Hubby and I have been together for 33 years and have had 3 little furry doggies. The first lived 13-1/2 years again the advise of our most loved vet. He saw her through her little life and she died of a heart attach. He guided up through the life of of our second little lady that lived tp be 18 years plus. He retired much to our protest. We acquired our little Miss Coco and had to find a new vet. Found one that was really lovey with her and we talked and I felt wonderful with him., He sold his practice to another vet who is only in this for the money. I did not feel warm with him when we had 3 meetings for her little check up and shots, etc. everytime I took her in she was at least $250. which I will gladly pay to keep her healthy. The final straw with me and him was when he told me her teeeth needed to be cleaned at a tender age of 1 year. (My groomer brushes and checks her teeth each week when she goes in). I told him okay, how much.......he informed me that he would send me an estimate an estimate and I could set up an appointment. Can you believe, he informed me that to clean her teeth would be $565.00. He broke it down on the sheet, and I was just floored. One of my good friends lives 67 miles from my home. I could go to her home, take my little girl to her vet and have her teeth cleaned for $60.00 and enjoy a day by her pool while doing all this. Needless to say that this is no longer my vet. I had been to two other offices and have not found a vet that I am comfortable with. I have my own way of interviewing them on the first visit and a lot of the things they say, lets me know if I want them caring for my babe.

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My worst experiences with a vet were having to make the decision to put an animal down -- the vet was not at fault, but losing a loved furry friend is not pleasant. We are lucky these days as our daughter has the love of animals that her parents have and pursued her dream to become a vet. She will go to a pet's home when needed and will always be willing to help an owner say good-by in the pet's home.

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My worst experiences were having to put my favorite ever dog and favorite ever cat down. Not the vet's fault, just bad experiences for me.

My best experience was having the same vet work with me for about 6 months trying to figure out what was wrong with my ocicat and finally figuring out that she had a parasite that had been dormant and come back to life with a vengeance. It took a while, but we did finally come up with a solution to her problems.

There was much rejoicing!

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10/7/11 1:56 P

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My worst experience was when I brought in a 4 mo. old poodle pup. The groomer found a lump on his neck.
While doing a biopsy the vet gave him to much anesthesia and he died. After she sent me a bill for an autopsy!

Don't remember a particularly good experience.

10/7/11 12:59 P

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Our local vet is wonderful and we trust him completely. Fortunately we haven't had to deal with strangers while traveling so far and hope never to have that experience!

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10/7/11 12:50 P

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Fortunately, I have not had what I would call a real bad or horrible veterinary experience.

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Thought this would be an interesting thread ;)

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