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9/25/17 8:23 P

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Also for acid reflux:

You might try some digestive enzyme supplements for a while. Sometimes you just need to get past a bad patch, not use them long-term.

Also look at experience with Prelief. It's just calcium glycerophosphate plus magnesium stearate. People have found it helps with heartburn caused by acid foods (but it doesn't do it by reducing stomach acid, which can cause other problems). It also helps with bladder sensitivity to acid foods. You can see customer reviews on Amazon.

I know I've seen people say they get effective results with Prelief in place of Prilosec, without the side effects.

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9/25/17 8:16 P

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I get heartburn from too much wheat. Two slices of bread or the equivalent is ok as long as I'm not eating it every day and especially every meal in a day. But I don't think my problem is the protein part, since I don't have trouble with foods listing wheat gluten or wheat protein or wheat protein isolate. It's some other part of the wheat, and the older varieties spelt and kamut do the same for me.

It's not that hard for me to avoid wheat, though. I have no trouble with rice in any form or millet or oat or quinoa or corn or sorghum or amaranth or teff etc. I have a variety of non-wheat crackers and also just got a bunch of frozen GF bagels, English muffins, and small dense breads mailorder from Not cheap, but I wrap up individual slices and half-bagels and keep in the freezer, so it's not as expensive as for people who insist on two-slice sandwiches... Plus I don't have them every day. I can only get the egg-free/dairy-free ones, if you can eat egg and dairy then there's a much larger variety to choose from. Also GF bread mixes are sold for DIY.

If your local stores don't have what you want, there are several online sources that I know are reliable and worth browsing through. Gluten Free Mall, Amazon, Vitacost, VeganEssentials, Pangea Vegan (, LuckyVitamin. Gluten Free Mall and VeganEssentials can ship frozen items. You also can ask your local grocery store if they can special-order items for you. If they have a distributor for it, they are usually happy to do it. Browsing online stores can help you see what's available.

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8/20/17 2:15 P

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I have gluten intollerance and GERD, not sure it they go hand in hand but my reflux did not get measurably better when i cut out gluten. Seriously considering just cutting out all grains at this point....

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1/1/17 9:28 A

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I am working on being grain free not just gluten free. Am working on doing the wheat belly diet. I have noticed a big improvement in my acid reflex, heartburn, gerd on days when I avoid grains. This is the biggest reason I am giving up grains.

I was on prilosec for years stopped 3 years ago gradually. Tough stuff to quit. It caused me to have low magnesium.

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12/30/15 12:38 P

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I have GERD and take prilosec every morning and sometimes in the evening depending on if I am having something that may bother it. I have been gluten free for a few years now, but can tell you that at least for me, very small amounts of gluten haven't set it off that I have noticed but bigger amounts have. Last month my son wanted some biscuits and I decided that I was going to only have 2 of them thinking that I could deal with the gluten sensitivity reactions later, boy was I wrong in doing so, major bloating and what I call cough/burps which I normally get when my GERD is acting up, along with the other things I normally experience when I do eat any containing gluten, so to make sure that that was the culprit when he wanted some more of those biscuits a couple weeks later I had a couple again and same reaction. It had been so long since I had had any biscuits like years, and had been missing having them, because I hadn't found a gluten-free alternative for them yet, that I had given into trying them in the first place, but I can tell you I will not be making that mistake again. I have also found that the longer I go without having gluten the worse affects are when I do have any by accident.

So with that I do think that gluten can indeed bother your acid reflux, not sure if it is a known cause of it but can bother it.


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12/30/15 8:57 A

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I'm curious. Could gluten cause acid reflux? I'm fighting it right now. I've tried 2 kinds of acid reflux medicines and neither one of them helped.

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