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Attitude Changes Everything (ACE)
This is your starting place. Your ACE introduction to health and fitness is a 3 step process. (if you've been SPARKing a while you may want to skip to the level of your choice)

1st month A Core Evaluation
Don’t change anything in your eating or activity routines. You need a baseline. I want you to weigh in once a week just to get familiarized with the changes on the scale. You do not need to report your weight to anyone other than yourself. We have ups and downs on the scale whether we change it up or not.

If you are using a tracker for steps / activity you may want to make sure you have it on just to get a baseline for it too.

Think about the reasons you want to lose weight. Try to focus on things other than the number or being that skinny looking kid as this may be unrealistic and unattainable. Focus more on a visual of health and happy. FOR EXAMPLE: I want to be able to play with the kids…. I want to move more easily and without pain

2nd month A Careful Examination
Start tracking when you eat and drink… a lot of times we aren’t conscious of the fact that we skip meals or stress eat. You don’t need to record every item or calorie, just note that you did what you did when you did. FOR EXAMPLE: skipped breakfast, ate lunch at desk, -- chocolate bar after meeting with boss, dinner at home, -- tv and snack , water with meals and tea for morning and evening.

If you haven’t started to sync your tracker, start doing so this month. Don’t change your activity level or worry about the numbers… we are still in learning mode.

3rd month and beyond Accepting Changes Easily

**Adopting Choices Everyday – make one small change and work on it during the week. For example: cut back soda intake by one, get skinny latte instead of full fat, park further away from entrance, etc. You can keep the same change going until you feel confident you have it under control – then move on to another small change.

**Adapting Creatively Everyday -- life is going to get in the way ( I call it LIFE-INTERRUPT-US) but you don’t have to feel defeated, or quit. ROLL with it. IF you can’t take time to do your full workout then make due with the time you do have -- you can exercise a bit while brushing your teeth, standing in line and doing the dishes. If you couldn’t pass up the YUMMY lunch with your friends then make a lighter dinner choice.

**Activities Can Evolve -- you don’t want to stay in a rut. Change things up from time to time. Increase your time or intensity. Alternate your activities by doing cardio one day and strength training or stretching the next. Jump rope or play ball with the kids instead of your normal workout.

**A Creative Environment -- this is an easy one. Have fun and stay positive. There are games and ideas on our FORUMS MESSAGE BOARDS to help add some fun and enlightenment to your day. BUT don’t stop there…. Find something you enjoy, something that makes you happy or makes you laugh, something that makes you feel good about yourself. I’m a firm believer of a Positive life being a HAPPY life. I also believe that if you see it/believe it then you can achieve it.

Good luck to you. I wish you much success on your journey!

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