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1/24/16 10:47 P

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I know if I didn't have the SPAT to check my steps on my total steps would be much lower than what it is now. I don't always reach my goal steps, but at least it pushes me to do a bit more when I see a low number. And when I'm close to goal it usually goads me on to get there.

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1/24/16 10:30 P

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I am going to start swimming emoticon at the near by parks and rec pool. They have an outside and inside pool. I am hopeing to get there soon enough to get a lane to do laps. I will not be wearing my activity tracker in the pool. I don't remember if it is ok to wear it in the pool but I am not taking any chances of a leak and get it ruined, I depend on it too much. Also I have a emoticon and emoticon to use.

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8/24/15 9:40 A

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Thanks for sharing JADOMB, I too found that the activity tracker was a real eye openner. I was faithfully doing aerobics 3 mornings and a week and trying to get in a 3 mile walk on the other days. Boy I thought I was active! Well it turned out that in order to get to 10,000 steps I had to add a 3 miler on aerobic days, and on the other days I did a 3 miler and have now added a second shorter walk around the big block. This works well for me since it's summer and fall and spring should be OK, it's winter that I will need to find something. I have a treadmill, but that's boring.

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8/22/15 8:30 P

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There's nothing like tracking our steps & calories! Buying an activity tracker and using the SP tools has changed my life. Thanks for your post, JADOMB

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8/22/15 12:23 A

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I think it is human nature to think we are eating less than we really are, and way LESS calories than we really are. So it stands to reason if someone asks us how much we exercise we don't want to admit we are couch potatoes -- no way! So most of us would say moderate even if we never do more than get up from the computer or sofa just to go to the bathroom! Yes, that's probably an exaggeration, but in some cases it is true.

When you have a pedometer strapped to your shoe or bra, the numbers don't lie, so it is a given that it is going to goad us into doing "just a little more" and that's worth the price of the gadget right there. Movement is good, why does it seem so hard?

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8/20/15 12:26 P

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JADOMB---I love this line of thinking...I am horrible at measuring my portions to begin with and then to try and "eye" it is definitely portion distortion!!! I have found since I got the SPAT that I whole heartedly agree with you too about thinking you were more active than you really are...I like that you are calling it step distortion!! I just want to say thanks, to you and to all the others who post on these threads...And I am glad that you are feeling better and got that pesky weight back off!!! Thanks again! You remind me of why it's important to me to keep doing this!

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3/15/15 1:34 A

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Just today I had a walk event that recorded as 3990 steps, and yet my total steps for the day said 3939. And I did a lot of walking besides the walk event.

When things like this happen it shakes my confidence in the number of steps it says I am putting in. My total steps for the day was less than the single walk event. That is stupid.

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11/22/14 8:01 P

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Thanks for sharing your story, Jadomb! You have done an awesome job and your setback was just a temporary blip on your road to success. And that pesky little SPAT has really helped me too. It is a great motivator!

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11/22/14 8:00 P

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Great Job Jadomb!!

What a way to persevere!!

I found that the SPAT doesn't show as many steps as I thought I was taking either. I thought about blaming it on step length or something, but its probably just true!!

I am working on getting more in each day too!!

Color-Blue, you are SO ENCOURAGING!! Thanks for all your kind words to me & everyone here on SP!!

Have a great day, everyone!!

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11/22/14 7:36 P

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WOW, what an AMAZING story! I know it was tough for you to end up on a medical detour, but as your just proved, the detours, no matter what kind of a detour you're on, it ALWAYS brings you back to the main road!

Good for you for preserving and getting it done, when you ordered that little SPAT! Mine told on me too, and I pushed myself, in a healthy way, to get my steps in every day, and by His Grace, so far today I have 26,464 steps in! It won't be long before you're up there, too!

YEA, you got that pesky 15 lbs. off, and now you know exactly what to do to keep it off. You go, and keep it up! We know that this is something we'll have to do for the rest of our lives, as it's a lifestyle change. But you know what? I wouldn't have it any other way, as I'm just getting God's Temple in Divine Order!


- Nancy Jean -

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11/22/14 7:18 P

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Over 3 years ago I joined Sp in hopes of losing 40 lbs in a year before I walked my daughter down the aisle at her wedding. I first learned how bad I was in knowing how much I ate and how much I exercised. Once I figured that out, I then began the process of correcting it and in 8 months reached my goal.

Since then I had an injury that put me back a bit and I gained back 10-15 lbs and lost some of my strength and such from my earlier success and plan. Once my injury finally completely healed, I began to get back on track. At that point I decided to buy the SPAT.

Again, I found that my "idea" of how many steps I took in a day was much smaller than the truth. So I call that Step Distortion. Even on a busy day I found that I rarely went over 4000 steps. And on days that I jogged, I was still only getting into the 6000 step range. That little SPAT was now not only telling me I wasn't as active as I thought I was, but it was telling on me too. LOL

By the way, the 10-15 lbs was just not going away with my regular workouts and walk/jog events like I thought they should. I know I wasn't tracking foods, but I'm really not a big eater or a bad eater. But I do accept portion distortion and that without accurate tracking it's difficult to really reach one's goals properly.

Once I started pushing to continue increasing my daily steps though, I slowly started to lose those lbs. again. I now average above 10,000 per day and along with my cardio, ST and still eating right, I have now gotten back to my 170 lb area. It is very difficult for me now to NOT do something to get my step count up for the day. That keeps me "honestly" active and moving and is just that little extra that works great with eating right and regular exercise. Keep the faith.

I question, therefore I think; I think, therefore I am; ........ I think?

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We can always find reasons to quit or not do what is needed to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. The trick is to fight this tendency. NOW SHUT UP AND SWEAT.

TODAY: It's as good as any day, and better than tomorrow.

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