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4/6/20 5:01 A

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In answer to the original post:

All of my favorites from a lifetime of music

I downloaded all of my CDs to mp3 and then (regrettably at times to this day) got rid of those CDs. As time progressed I preferred the iTunes systems and merged all of that music over to it. I maintain running lists on my phone, in notebooks, and slips of paper that all come together on my official alphabetical indexing saved to my computer, the cloud, and filed in hardcopy for the "Songs I Want."

They may be songs I am reminded of while driving or triggered to log; they may be current, they may be old, and in either case, it is occasionally possible that they are simply new to me. Sometimes I have to search just a phrase or a few words to find the name of the song and then determine the proper version. After logged and/or wish-listed I will then either order up CDs from the library system, carrying home a bagful at a time and burn the songs or, if I NEED IT NOW and CANNOT WAIT, I may download it from Amazon or other song hosting sites.

My lists are long and my purchases slow.

My favorites come from the talents of men and women performing and recording anywhere from the 50s up to the most current releases. There are perhaps even a handful of songs earlier than that. I have A LOT of 70s and 80s because, you know, those were my childhood and teen years.

My genres consist of good ol' fashion doo-wop and classic Motown; rock, alternative, country, and punk; some folk, some funk, some disco, some reggae; a little bebop, a little metal, and early rap; showtunes from Musicals, themes from Bond; with Soundtracks from the Big Screen and the small screen too; covers that I like that come out of American Idol and The Voice as well as YouTubers; sprinkled with modern Christian rock alongside Elvis, The Beatles, and the Big Bopper; heck, I even have 2 sometimes 3 or even 4 versions of the same song; there are songs that are sung in French, Spanish, and Portuguese; original music from local talents with a good dash of comedic songs and jokes mixed right in there along with all of the rest.

(I don't use playlists and it is always kept on shuffle.) I am always happy with the music because every single song, joke, and performance is to my mind the best of what is out there. (Except of course for those long lists of Songs I Want.)

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1/17/20 2:37 P

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I usually Listen to nature when walking unless I am at work. Then it is the continuous beeping of back up alarms on forklifts

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Sorry about the late response! I listen to podcasts or something with a great beat when I exercise.

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1/13/19 10:15 A

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What's everyone listen to when walking? And where did you download it from?

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