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Great info from Spark

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Good info!

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I am so glad that I joined this group. Thanks again for all of this information. I will have to check in and read these tips daily, so I can absorb this information, will take me a little time. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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WOW! Thank you so much. This is a lot of info for my tiny brain but I will watch the videos and read the articles. Your information is so helpful, thank you again

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Just joined this team. Finding loads of helpful information. Just got diagnosed with prediabetes. Don't know much about it so all information is helpful to me.

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Just joined this team and am finding all these tips very helful

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This is Part 2 of wonderful tips to help us get healthier from Sunshine6442!

emoticon 1. Depressed? Uncontrolled diabetes raises the risk of depression or what you might call a blue mood. If you remember what you put onto your plate can affect your mood...half the battle may be won. Cut back on those sugary some spinach, broccoli, chard,turkey, fish, chicken, eggs, beans, sunflower seeds and a handful of nuts....these foods all help with depression.

emoticon 2. Eat like you love yourself! Move like you love yourself! Walk, exercise and stay coach potatoes please! The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are, to eat right and be healthy. Happiness starts with you....practice smiling and saying good morning or good day to others....and never beat yourself up for not being perfect....just keep trying to be the best you can be....decide on how you are going to live...and spend time with yourself thinking about all the positives in your need to feel depressed....tell yourself it's the little things and even the small accomplishments that matter. Positivity breeds success. I look at it this way...insulin resistance is a wake up call to treat yourself and your body better.

emoticon 3. Nothing holds you back more than EXCUSES....and complaining about something doesn't make it go grateful what what you have...remember that saying "I complained I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet" Yep, life is a challenge at times....maybe if you just keep smiling when you feel sad as nothing can bring you more peace than yourself. It is like waiting for someone to bring you flowers...instead plant your own garden! Stop worrying about tomorrow and live for today! And consider your smile as yoour personal logo.

4. Why eat avocados? They can reduce cholesterol and triglycerides and are heart healthy. They can also help you lose weight and they are good for our eyes. They also have magnesium in them that can help lower blood pressure. Great fiber too! Perfect for a diabetic.
Ever stuffed a half of an avocado with tuna salad or shrimp salad or put a soft boiled egg in the avocado cavity? Slices on a burger, in a salad, on a slice of toast with hard boiled egg slices? You can even add a small amount of smoked salmon. You can even put Avocado cubes into a bowl of tomato soup.

5. can benefit from eating this melon in several can help blood pressure and muscle cramps because of the potassium in this also has magnesium which helps regulate heart rhythm and blood sugar. Good with cottage cheese, as part of a salad, as a desert or a slice for a snack.

5. Tapioca pudding is high in carbs and is also a quick way to gain weight. It is made from cassava which has starch....this is not the best choice if you are trying to lose weight.

6. Be patient.,.your weight will fluctuate up and down but if you keep going it all pays off in the long run. Challenge yourself and make a game out of the challenges!

7. If you are choosing dried fruit as part of your meal plan please remember dried fruits are devoid of water content and are extremely high in sugar and higher in carbs than fresh fruit. Dried fruit can also make your weight loss a disaster...chose fresh fruit instead.

8. Ramen noodle soup...oh is loaded with saturated fat and over 1700 grams of sodium. You blood pressure might soar! Other food that can raise pressure are bacon, sauerkraut, pickles, and processed foods...they all can also put stress on your kidneys as well. Your kidneys need water flush out the toxins...another reason to DRINK WATER! Kidney disease is call the silent disease...and as a diabetic you need to protect your heart and kidneys.

emoticon 9. Did you know that oregano, garlic, olive oil and onions can help reduce blood pressure? Think about an Italian salad with sliced onions, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese drizzled with olive oil. Add them to your egg whites, stews, stir-fry's, roasts, mix with mushrooms atop a steak, make onion soup.....or core out the center and add garlic and bake! They can help to lower blood sugar levels in diabetics....they are a healing food.........try red onion and scallions too!
Eat an onion of the healthiest foods! They can help lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure and even help ward off cancer. They also can help colds and coughs.

10. Raisins like any other dried fruit are high in sugar...all dried fruit has concentrated sugar. Limit your portion if you insist on eating raisins.

emoticon 11. Have you lost motivation? Instead of looking way into the future set a small goal for yourself ever goals....5lbs at a time worked for me and before I knew it I was down over 100lbs. Every morning I look in the mirror and affirm that I am my own competition! Motivation is only what gets you started in the right direction....educating yourself about food helps you eat the foods that become your habit!
So many join our team and then fall by the wayside....they stop tracking....and give up....this is not a choice since insulin resistance is a life long battle. BUt it doesn't have to be...if you make the right choices.
Don’t be under the misconception that when your numbers are 5.6 or under that you will stay that way. Diabetes is a lifestyle change and the sooner you realize you can control your blood sugar.....the better. Remember when you control your blood sugar weight loss is easier.

12. Pork Loin is low and fat and has no carbs....and 4 ounces comes in at about 120 calories, This lean choice can even help your body burn fat because it takes longer to digest and also the protein can help burn off the fat! The B vitamins in pork can also help keep energy levels higher, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. Pork loin can even be leaner than chicken and can even help your immunity by building red blood cells.
Broil a chop 8 minutes each side....they turn out perfect and it is a fast dinner......or you can dice up pork and out it on a skewer with your choice of veggies.....a chop with unsweetened applesauce or a baked sweet potato and broccoli
You can also make a wrap....left over pork loin ...shredded or small chunks into a low carb taco or even wrapped in romaine lettuce to avoid the carbs...see the receipe section for Cuban pork roast or chops stuffed with Gouda cheese. Did you know....Pounding a pork chop can make sure it cooks more quickly.

emoticon 13. Too much red meat is associated with Diabetes and heart disease! Eating white meat may be better and turkey meat is a good way to amp up your weight loss. It is low in calories and fat and can help blood sugar stay stable. Both the white and dark meat of a turkey has less fat than most red meats and has B6 and B12 vitamins. Red meat causes inflammation and turkey may help ease inflammation and joint pain. Skip the red meat and see more weight loss too! Grab a 10lb turkey...slice it up and then take the bones and make turkey soup....especially if you are on a budget. I am sure Spark has a turkey soup recipe. Skip the deli slices that have loads of sodium. Find turkey soup recipes at:

emoticon 14. If you eat your veggies first when you start a meal you will be less likely to overindulge in other foods.....try to eat a salad before each meal...remember that vinegar helps blood sugar levels.

emoticon 15. There is much controversy about wheat being one source of high blood sugar. Gerard Mullin from Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore says ...foods made with wheat flour are particularly damaging. A carbohydrate in wheat, called amylopectin A, is more easily converted to blood sugar than just about any other carbohydrate. Two slices of bread made with whole-wheat flour raise blood sugar higher than six teaspoons of table sugar and higher than many candy bars.
Test after eating 2 slices of wheat bread and see what your numbers are. It raises my numbers so I now eat only rye bread and I have no aches and pains either. I stay away from processed wheat...whole wheat like triscuits and Nabisco shredded wheat dont raise my levels so whole wheat may not raise yours...again test and see. Might even help you lose weight if you avoid the wheat!

emoticon 16. Say Cheese Please....Cheese can be high in fat, but a grilled cheese sandwich can be healthy if you chose the right low fat cheese.... like mozzarella. Choose low fat cheese varieties whenever possible. You can drizzle a small amount of olive oil on both sides of the sandwich before grilling. Add a thin tomato slices before grilling for a juicy grilled cheese and grill with onions for a burst of flavor. Good with tomato soup. Get that onion in daily! Try using rye bread to make your grilled makes a hearty sandwich.
Even Borden’s has a fat free American cheese...1 slice is 30 calories….3 carbs and no cholesterol...sort of high in sodium and has 1 sugar but would not hurt once in awhile for a quick meal.

emoticon 17. If you chose to have red meat remember that the ribeye steak is highly marbled,,,less lean than the filet or sirloin steak. The Filet mignon contains more saturated fat than sirloin and Saturated fat can raise your cholesterol, which increases your risk of heart disease. According to the American Cancer Society eating red and processed meats may also raise your risk of colon cancer. Choose wisely, limit your portion size to that of a deck of cards, and eat rarely.

emoticon 18. No matter if you are new to our team, returning or a faithful member as an insulin resistant person you will have to count and watch your carbs the rest of your life. It does not go away but you can put it into remission. For that reason, we all need to reinforce our thinking and realize if we do not change our lifestyle or find ourselves falling back into old habits our health will suffer and the pounds we lose will just come back.
Plan your daily meals to consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks so that your blood sugar numbers stay steady. Make a list of the foods you eat on a regular basis.
If you know the carbs in these foods you will have an easier time controlling how much you eat and how to control your weight. Be aware of how much you eat. Think about portion size and stick with proper portions for control ...Make loose fist and see that it equals 1 cup, look at the palm of your hand...that equals 3 ounces. See more portion control tips in the Challenges / New Recipes Forum below they will help you stay on track.

19. Apple cider vinegar,,,oh yes, it can help lower cholesterol numbers and blood pressure and the American Diabetes Association says their research data suggests that vinegar ingestion at bedtime may favorably impact waking glucose concentrations in type 2 diabetes
The article about the reasearch on Vinegar Ingestion at Bedtime Moderates Waking Glucose Concentrations in Adults With Well-Controlled Type 2 Diabetes...can be see at
/30/11/2814.full Maybe grab a small vinegar and oil salad before bedtime.

20. White vinegar can inactivate the enzymes that break the food to sugar, which slows down the absorption of sugar to the blood. A Spoonful of Vinegar Helps the Sugar Go Down...see the article

emoticon 21. Why eat dark leafy greens...because they help insulin function! They have no sugar, no fat, and the magnesium content is good support in controlling blood sugar. Along with that vinegar and oil try a variety of greens, like Baby Kale, Romaine, Swiss Chard, arugula, curly endive, watercress, baby spinach as it is less tart, turnip greens, mustard greens or collard greens. Romaine has more vitamins than ice berg so stick with the romaine for extra health benefits.
Make your salads fun...they do not have to be boring...add sliced almonds, grape tomatoes, Garbanzo beans, walnuts, sliced radishes, shredded carrots, a couple of anchovies, sliced egg, sliced red onion, ground pepper, a sprinkle of sesame seeds orflax seeds...what ever comes to mind. Make it colorful as a variety of choices will make a healthy high quality salad.
Also keep you lettuce in the back of the refrigerator as it stay fresher longer at the go make yourself a salad tonight 2 hours before bedtime and see how you waking numbers are...dont forget your glass of water before bedtime and upon waking!

emoticon 22. Try, Try again! Success comes to those who keep trying. Failure can be the excuses you give yourself not to eat properly. WE all need to be determined and who cares how long it takes to lose the weight....if you stumble get back on is all a learning process. Educate yourself about food and test often to see how your body handles the foods you eat. Believe that you can succeed and just keep going...never give up as success will follow.

emoticon 23. Understand how sugar works in your body.....and how it causes diseases....." Dr. Lustig, University of California, "discover why what we eat is as important as how much we eat. Understand the effects of stress on obesity rates, and why some predict that the next generation will die younger than the current one due to obesity and the many health problems it causes" Great video all should see:
Y. It is long but oh so informative! Make sure to Watch it! It will also tell you how insulin great video. Make sure you see the list at the end of the video.....

emoticon 24. WE HAVE NOT TALKED ABOUT Barley in a long is one of the worlds healthiest foods. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition believes that barley lowers cholesterol and is a good source of magnesium.
A hot bowl of barley at breakfast may be a good idea to get in your fiber for the day as it seems barley is much more effective in reducing both glucose and insulin responses even more than oats … It is also supposed to help arthritis, lower blood pressure and help curb appetite! They even say Barley will help you look younger…...I can use all the help barley provides....In that department.
Barley is cholesterol-free , low in fat. High in vitamins and minerals. Selenium is also found in Barley which helps prevent inflammation and might even help prevent cancer. It is said to ease constipation because it acts as a bulking agent and can help with weight loss...1/2 cup a day. Beef Barley soup...add to roasts with baby carrots and onions, in salads in stews, as a side dish, (maybe Barley, mushrooms and onions) or a warm hearty breakfast. A sleeve of barley is very reasonable as well and can help one's food budget.

emoticon 25. Eat the right foods ..not eating nutrient rich foods can lead to depression...don't skip meals our bodies need the nutrition to operate efficiently. Certain foods raise and lower blood sugar....this can cause negative mood swings
Foods with magnesium can help moods...try food that have magnesium which include almonds, avocados, spinach, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, peanuts, soybeans, black beans, salmon, halibut, oysters and grains such as buckwheat, quinoa, oats, brown rice and amaranth. Don't forget the barley.
Try Hurst’s bean soup which can be purchased at Family Dollar stores….comes with a flavor packet, under $3.00 and not only do you get a burst of flavor from this soup…..the beans will help with energy and mood.

emoticon 26. Create your own manifesto. Drink more water, learn to prepare your foods and skip fast foods and processed foods. Live your life with a purpose to get healthy and remove any negative thoughts that might stall your journey. Love yourself and your body, eat better and feel better. Stop wishing you looked like you did when you were in high school...each decade brings changes….do not be hard on yourself...just remember every mistake you make is part of learning on how to be a success.
When you recognize your mistakes it means you are earnestly trying...being cognizant of your mistakes gives you experience in how to deal with your blood sugar…so testing is important especially in the begining. To know which foods you can and can not eat.
Stop the complaining and drop the negativity …..both will steal your happiness. Get up every morning and look in the mirror and smile at are alive! Make it a good day with good healthy choices…..and always laugh when you is the cheapest medicine.,,,even if you have to laugh at is d=said that every time you can find humor in a situation you win....anyone can afford laughter!

emoticon 27. Constipation in a diabetic is something many diabetics deal with and it has a lot to do with nerve inflammation and uncontrolled blood sugar. Stay hydrated, get your fiber in, and walk more....lack of movement can also cause constipation! Foods that help constipation are Green Beans, spinach, oatmeal, flaxseeds, and is believed that coffee can stimulate muscle contractions in the colon making it easier to poop! If you are constipated try making a meatloaf with ground turkey and spinach stuffed works for me! Vitafusion Fiber Gummies Fiber also can help...I get mine at Costco.

emoticon 28. Did you ever suffer with gout? It is very painful and can affect your toes, feet, even knees and it is a form of arthritis. Many diabetics get uric acid levels become meat and alcohol are culprits and so is aspirin. Also avoid foods such as white bread, cakes, candy, sugar-sweetened beverages and products with high-fructose corn syrup. avoid liver and organ meats as they have high levels of purines. even some fish have purines. A vitamin C supplement can help. Another reason to drink more water as dehydration can also spur on gout.

emoticon 29. If you have not changed your eating habits you might want to think about this....kidney failure is common in people with uncontrolled sugar levels. The American Journal of Kidney Disease says early prevention is necessary..... Dr. Toralf Melsom, of the Department of Nephrology at University Hospital of North Norway....also says If a patient has borderline elevated glucose levels found by their primary physician they should start lifestyle changes with respect to diet and physical activity to prevent diseases like diabetes and kidney disease."
So remember high blood sugar levels can begin damaging your kidney...just another reason to be in control of your eating habits.

emoticon 30. Strenuous exercise can produce a stress response which causes the body to raise blood glucose levels...SO WALKING MAY BE THE BEST FORM OF EXERCISE....and when your blood sugar levels are high drink more water...Drinking water can help the body with flushing out some of the glucose

emoticon 31. Learn to love veggies....Spark and others recommend 5 veggies a day...if you eat at least 5 a day, studies have shown this can reduce risks of a range of common health problems including heart disease, cancer and can help diabetes.
Testing may seem like a pain in one's tooshie but it is the best way to certainly makes sense to eat foods that will not adversely affect your blood glucose....who needs the consequences that can occur. Eat foods to nourish your body and don't treat it like it's a trash can!

emoticon 32. Oolong tea can actually help you body burn fat. It is said that oolong is good for cholesterol and blood pressure. PRINCE OF PEACE is a good brand of oolong. I buy mine at and you get 100 packets for 7.99.

emoticon 33. Cereal.....they often contain sugar and those that contain dried fruits, like raisins, blueberries or cranberries, whatever are high in sugar. Read the labels and remember puffed rice does not have salt or sugar.

emoticon 34. Turmeric is a peppery spice . It helps fight infection, reduces inflammation and can treat digestive problems. It plays a roll in decreasing inflammation, which is associated with many health conditions Turmeric can have side effects when taken in large doses. Blood thinners can interact with large doses of turmeric, as can drugs that reduce blood clotting. Yes, there are supplements and turmeric tea and a powered spice. Add to rice dishes, eggs, to spice up lentils, or a sprinkle onto baked chickpeas. You can sprinkle some on chicken, fish and even cauliflower.
The key as always is to not to overdue.
Here is an article I found that help explain Tumeric

35. Some spices really do help inflammation....another one is Bay has anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory properties that can help a diabetic. The bay leaf can also help digestive problems, help protect against cancer and heart disease. Good in soups and also in stews.

Bay Leaves Improve Glucose and Lipid Profile of People with Type 2 Diabetes

Another spice to help diabetic is CUMIN.... cumin aids in proper digestion of food and the body's ability to absorb nutrients and can even help reduce gas...Cumin may support heart health and can help fight infections..helps lower blood pressure and may help prevent various types of cancer.

Researchers at Iran's Shahid Sadoughi University of Medical Sciences concluded from their research that cumin powder can help jumpstart weight loss and decrease body fat. In the research they also found cumin to drop levels of harmful triglycerides and cholesterol levels.

Good in soups, stew, on pork, mixed in black bean and rice, sprinkled on sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, squash, and cauliflower...a dash on hummus or roasted garbanzo beans, good in chili as well.

emoticon 36. Yes spices can help fight diabetes! Did you know that garlic belongs to the onion family? Garlic has antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant and antifungal properties and it can help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels...may even help control blood pressure and heart disease. There is allicin in is a sulfur compound that help our bodies heal...crush the garlic and wait ten minutes before adding to your meal to get the full benefits. Try to add to your daily meals.

emoticon 37. The spice Rosemary helps inflammation and is beneficial for diabetics. It has B6 vitamins and calcium. Rosemary may lower blood sugar as it is a potent inflammation fighter. Add some to stews, homemade soup, scrambled egg whites, on chicken and pork.

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