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4/22/17 11:42 P

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I tend to run too fast as well during my intervals according to EVERYONE but I really can't help it. I can't jog that slow and even when I do jog slow I've never been able to talk or sing during it no matter how slow I go. I can barely talk when walking for goodness sake. And that makes me winded too. I smoked for almost 20 years though and I'm pretty sure that has something to do with it. A couple of years ago I ran and had gotten down to a 16 min 2 mile run and I STILL couldn't walk very fast at all and talk. No way I was going to jog and walk. So there's got to be a different metric for people like me who just can't talk and move LOL

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3/16/16 11:14 A

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Honestly, I don't think a treadmill is optimal for learning to run. Part of running is learning how to pace yourself, and when using emojis, u can't adjust your pace toy depending on how you feel. You are running to a set pace that doesn't take into consideration your body. I don't know if that makes sense. I think it puts more force on your body because you don't automatically adjust like you would running on solid ground. Anyway, it is what it is, and many people like using treadmills.

I'd say, that's too fast. The goal is to be able to continue running at a comfortable pace. As you progress through the program, you will learn to pace yourself. In the beginning, you can gut your way through short intervals, but. Once you're running 10 minutes, you can't really gut your way through it. It's one of the important things that need to be learned, to self pace so you can sustain your running. You're more Kelly to injure yourself if you are going too fast, struggling to keep up with the treadmill.

Good luck :)

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3/14/16 4:26 P

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Honestly, I don't think I push as hard as I could. But will one day. In most cases I'm running on the treadmill at around 4.3mph at 0.5 incline and when I'm walking I drop down to 2.8mph and slowly work my way back up to 3mph before the next running section.

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12/23/15 4:15 P

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It is an individual choice of course, but I personally would say 6.5 is too fast for just starting out. When I run, I do so at a pace that I can continue without keeling over. Nothing wrong with going at a slower jogging pace.

Myself, I walk between 3.2 - 3.8 and then run between 4.8 and 6. I save that 6 (maybe a 6.5) for the "give it all you got this last run" kind of speed. I will work on speed later once I'm at the end of my training and able to jog for 30 minutes straight.

If you know you've overdone it in the past, hurt yourself and then had to take recovery time, maybe learn from that and be a little kinder to your body so that you aren't causing injuries and burning out.

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9/12/15 6:17 P

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Generally your running pace is up to you. It should also increase as your fitness level increases. The general rule of thumb to be going at a sustainable pace (remember your intervals will get longer!) is to be able to hold a conversation whilst running. I use my treadmill when I get in late from work or it's really miserable outside and I have no one to hold a conversation with so what I tend to do is puff out the lyrics to the song I'm listening to. I also don't change the speed on my treadmill during my intervals. I walk at a fast 5.5 kmph and jog at a slow 5.5 kmph. I'm not going for sprinting, I'm going for endurance running so a slower pace benefits me more. When I'm able to run the whole 5k I'll then increase the speed by just 0.1 per session. However I started at 3.0 kmph! As long as you can hold a conversation, or puff and pant the words to your favourite song, this is the right pace for you. As your fitness increases, you may want to increase your speed if you want hard interval training, however I would suggest doing this slowly, as if you burn out too quickly you won't be able to complete your challenge. Hope this helps you! x

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9/12/15 6:05 P

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