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I just started my C25K (W1 D3) but I am completely new to running. I知 in pretty good shape and can run pretty well for never running, at least I think so. Just to see where I am I ran 5k last night on the treadmill (I do my C25K training on the road) at 5.5mph (10:54 pace) and completely the whole run without stopping. The last mile was pretty hard but I just assumed it was because I did my C25K Days 3 run just hours before this run. Now I have no real pain just a little sore in some of the muscle area and other than being winded my legs felt like I could keep running. My C25K day 3 run was an average pace of 11:11 with my fastest interval at 7:44. I知 following the 5 minute warm up, 1 minute run, 90 second brisk walk repeated 8 times then a cool down. My next run (tomorrow) is a 5 warm, 90 second run, 2 minute brisk walk repeated 6 times.
I have three issues.

One is my breathing but after reading up on it I found that the information a friend told me was wrong. She told be deep breathing was bad. I had explained to her that I normally take 2 to 3 chest breathes and 1 deep (belly) breathe. I now found that I should be rhythm breathing doing belly breathing. I plan to practice that.

The second one is my pace. This is the one I need the most help on. I知 on day 3 and I fear my pace is way too fast but I don稚 know how to slow down. I知 not trying to run fast, I just do my natural stride. At the end of my 1-minute interval I知 out of breath but not doubled over and the 90 second brisk walk (normally 3.8 to 4.0 mph) is enough to recover in. I知 worried that when I start running for longer times I won稚 be able to maintain. I壇 like to run the 5k in the low 9:00 mark but all the data shows I am running high 7痴 to low 8痴. The issue I am having is if I run slower I shorten my stride and the impact is greater and feels awkward. The person who told me wrong about the breathing say she runs slow but keeps the same stride. I知 not sure how to do that and it seems completely wrong. Everything tells me that if I stride length covers x amount of distance the only way to run slow is to shorten it. Can anyone explain that to me and give me advise on if I should slow down or keep my pace and find out once I start running long?

Lastly is my heart rate. Based off the calculations I have seen I should have a max heart rate of 172 (220 48) with an aerobic zone between 120.4 (220 48 * 0.7) and 137.6 (220 48 * 0.8). I have a resting heart rate of around 70 to 75. When I am running regardless of my pace my heart rate is normally higher than 137. In fact, on day 3 my heart rate maxed out at 174 but most of my run intervals is was in the high 140s to low 150s. Normally I would assume this is possible due to running too fast but it just seems to be my body. Now I don稚 feel like my heart is beating out of my chest. In fact, it doesn稚 have any feels. My lungs are about the only thing that keep me from doing more but again that痴 my breathing.

My questions are
Should I slow down to try and keep my heart rate under control (I guess proper breathing will help this also)?
Should I slow down because I知 doing too much for a beginner and it痴 not helping?
Should I run my natural pace and see how it goes when runs get longer?
Is my heart rate really an issue ( my heart rate as I type this is 94 but I知 kind of stressed out today)?
Sorry for the giant post but I致e never run and I don稚 want to waste my time or hurt myself.

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