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9 Ways to Avoid Heartburn while Traveling

Leave the Burn at Home!


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All valid suggestions Report
Those are good tips! I shared them with my son too! Report
Good article. Report
Great suggestions. I must say, however, some of them aren't always in your control, depending on what circumstances you are traveling. For example, when on our own it is pretty much up to us but when we went on a tour, many factors are not in our control, for example the timing of our meals... Report
Thank you Report
Some great suggestions, will be going on the road next month. Report
I take apple cider vinegar every day. One table spoon in a glass of water. Report
I haven't been troubled by travel heartburn so far. That doesn't mean it won't happen. As I become more seasoned (older) troubles that were non-existent pop up. I will follow this advice prophylactically. Report
Under the subtitle "Avoid Eating Large Portions" the correct spelling is "rein", like reining in a horse. "Reign" is the duration of a sovereign's rule. Spell check wouldn't have caught that. Report
Thanks for the apple cider vinegar tip. I'll try that! Report
My husband and I discovered we could retire the jar of Tums and replace it with apple cider vinegar, preferably Bragg's with The Mother. Take 1 tsp- 2 TBSP approx 30 minutes before each meal. It aids in digestion. It has changed our lives and our overall health. Report

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