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How to Safely Disinfect Your Home

What You Don't Know about Killing Germs


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Great ideas in this articles, but a little over the top. I'm constantly fighting to keep my house clean (lots of pets, plus messy family), but this is not always possible, or necessary. There is no way to completely isolate yourself from every germ. Even Covid, had a survival rate well over 99%. Most deaths were from the elderly population, and made worse when state-governors forced assisting living centers to take Covid-positive patients.

Keeping a clean house is definitely a positive, just remember to live life in the process! Report
Good to know especially in 2020-2021. Report
Clean! Report
Very good article, but I didn’t see any warnings about mixing the cleaner/disinfectant/sanitizer items together. Read labels - when they say “don’t mix chlorine bleach with ammonia (or XYZ)” - don’t mix them! You release chlorine gas! Report
Good information Report
Great article --I find the chart very helpful.
Some food for thought: some cleaners can ruin the surface it cleans. Ex do not use vinegar on granite counter tops--it eats away and will ruin them over time.

why would anyone want to do this? if you do not have contact with germs you become ill very easily with the slightest contact in the "outside world" you need to have contact to build up immunity.... it does not do you any favours to clean that much unless you have someone who has compromised immunity issues Report
Very useful article. I shared it on Facebook! It is so much needed now. Report
The info about time to leave the disinfectant in contact with the surface to be disinfected is important. Let the stuff do it's job! Go do some squats or triceps dips while waiting. Report
Oh -- and all the people afraid of "chemicals" -- EVERYTHING is made of chemicals, even water, baking soda, and vinegar. Report
I clean (when I have time) but I don't believe in all this disinfecting/sanitizing hysteria. And you know what? I am NEVER sick! People are WAY too worried about germs. Report
Great information! Report
I learned something new! Report

TERRIFIC article !
Even we over-60s can learn new stuff.
I had no idea that disinfecting and sanitizing are NOT the same thing.
THANKS for enlighting us Report
this was a good article!! Report

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