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Your Guide to Fitness Trackers

Pair Your Tracker with SparkPeople for Maximum Results


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Well that was then... what about now? Report
If I ever decide to get another nag machine, I will check back to see if you are modern or behind the market. Report
Thanks Report
Thank you. Great info Report
These links require updating yearly. I just checked the link for FitBit 2 and it's not $59.95. The cost is $99.00 plus $10 shipping. Think I'll check with my family doctor to see if I could get one of these under my insurance. The better ones cost $200+. Report
I wish this article was updated. I am considering a Fitbit and do not want to waste money on something that is too high priced. I do need something that will motivate me more to keep moving more each day. I have been given 5 different choices by friends and still not sure which one to get. I do not want anything complicated just easy to hook to my iphone to show how many steps daily and heart rate,ec. Report
It would be nice if you could update this each year as there are so many out there and technology changes from year to year. Guess I'll have to go do some of my own research. Report
Can we get an update? This article is three years old. I'm wearing a FitBit Charge 2 myself. Report
I need to message board to see if they will do an update Report
I need to message board to see if they will do an update Report
thanks Report
Great article! Report
Good-to-know information. Report

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