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Your Guide to Fitness Trackers

Pair Your Tracker with SparkPeople for Maximum Results


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I have an AppleWatch (Apple Health) and also use "mapmywalk". I'm surprised that Sparkpeople isn't up-to-date with this technology and able to sync it to app. I have to manually enter my activity in Sparkpeople. I don't understand why Sparkpeople doesn't support a broader base of devices and apps.
This article is out-dated and needs to be removed or trued up. Report
Thank you. Report
Sorry, Spark, but articles like this need regular updates as technology has moved on in the past 3 years! Report
Thanks for the info. I'm using a Garmin Vivofit 4. (2018 edition). It's a nice little tracker, all the info I need. ANd certainly a value play. Nice automatic connection to Sparkpeople as well. Report
I've had my Fitbit Alta for about 2 years now. I love that it tracks my sleep, calories burned, and steps and lets me know when it's time to move. I sync it with SP to help me keep track of calories in vs. out. It makes it easy for me to stay on target. It's also my watch. The sleek design is attractive. I replaced the plastic band with a good-looking metal one, and people have complimented me on how pretty my "watch" is. Report
Good place to start but probably a little out dated too. Report
On my fourth Fitbit now, love them! Report
Love my trackers, both of them! Report
Love my Fitbit Charge 2. Report
Thank you this was very helpful Report
Great! Report
Thank you for this great list of products. Report
Great, thanks for the information. Report
Good to know, thanks. Report

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