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Your Guide to Fitness Trackers

Pair Your Tracker with SparkPeople for Maximum Results


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I had 2 fitbit zips. They only lasted a year. I saw on Amazon the other day the prices has really increased. I also had Sparkpeople tracker...useless. I now use S Health on my phone. It works rather well. I can track steps, sleep, etc. I haven't looked in to any challenges on it. Report
Thank you for the information. I'm still doing research before I make the investment. I have an Omron pedometer that was just delivered today and I need to set it up. Report
The Garmin Vevofit does track heart rate you just need the chest strap to do it

I have both the Vivofit and the 3

I to don't take it off night or day
thanks Report
Vivofit 2 is great! I just leave it on all day and night. Very motivating to keep me moving. Report
I'm really happy with my fitbit flex 2 for now. It's my first tracker following my pedometer on my android phone. Next I'll upgrade to one with a heart rate monitor like the Alta HR. Sleep tracking is important to me too. I'm curious about the spark tracker I've read about in the comments wish they'd make a comeback new and improved with ALL the bells and whistles! Just a thought. Report
Fitbit ruined my Fitbit Flex with a software update last summer. It just didn’t work and always needed a charge. My Apple Watch 3 is awesome! Report
Love my Garmin Vivofit 2 Report
The Gamin Vivofit 2 is also waterproof and can be used to track swimming activity. Report
Here’s the thing. I had a Fitbit Flex (still do but don’t use it). I tried a Charge but it irritated my wrist. Fitbit allowed me to return it and I have been enjoying an Alta. Now I want an Alta HR. What’s next? Report
Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. - John Wooden ~ 1/5/18 Report
great. Report
Like TCANNO, I use a Garmin. Report
I'm very interested in getting a tracker of sorts but Haven't found one that will be accurate when not worn on wrist. Report

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