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Your Guide to Fitness Trackers

Pair Your Tracker with SparkPeople for Maximum Results


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I have a Fitbit Zip ($50) my daughter got me and I love it. I hook it to my jeans waistband every morning and connect with computer (have to be within 20 feet of computer). It is connected electronically with SparkPeople and shares the information. It is run by batteries. I am 71 years old and don't need all the extra info, just steps, miles, etc. Report
Definitely have to do your research. I just have a plain pedometer that counts steps, miles and calories burned. Not 100% accurate, but most importantly, it keeps me moving! Report
Thanks! Great info! Report
Fitbit is inexpensive as far as trackers go; however, it is not very accurate. I have tried the Flex, Charge HR, and the Charge 2. The breathing guide on the Charge 2 is nice. The "move" reminders are annoying because one must keep the reminders in a consecutive block. (If you work and have meetings, the reminders count you as not moving; can't change the series.) The Fitbit trackers do not track well when I am moving, which defeats the purpose of using a tracker device.

My last purchase was a Polar A370. (Not mentioned in the article even though Polar has been making fitness trackers for over 40 years.) I am enjoying this device. It is rain, shower, and swim proof. It has the Continuous Heart rate monitoring as some of those mentioned. It also works with older Windows OS (I use Win7 still) and it doesn't NEED a smartphone, but is Android friendly if one chooses to use a Smart phone.

There are other Polar devices that have built in GPS systems and special features for runners. Worth checking out, but they are not Fitbit cheap. Report
I need a tracker that clips onto my shoe. Since I walk with a walker, a tracker doesn't work when I walk because my arms don't move back and forth. Report
Yes, trackers exist that connect with laptops and computers and do not need a smart phone.
I do not have the information on me, but will post it here by Monday. There is a site that sells trackers world wide, in U.S., Canada and Europe and sells them cheap, they range from $10.00 to over $200.00 as they are a warehouse it takes time to arrive, I ordered one for $20.00 including postage that will connect with my computer. I have a Smart phone I use for taking pictures, outgoing 100 text messages a month, unlimited talk time in my area. I pay $20.00 per. month and bought a smart phone for $250.00 as I am on a low income. I do not have internet on it as it would cost $40.00 extra per. month. Report
I have used Garmin equipment since I started 5 years age.
As long as you treat them as motivators they are ok but don't treat then as the be all and end all.

Don't get me wrong I love them
If you happen to need to use a cane or a walker, or hold on to the bars on a treadmill or elliptical machine, don't bother with any of the wrist-based trackers. A good clip-at-the-hip pedometer will be much more accurate in counting steps; many also work well if clipped to a bra. Realistic feedback on steps accomplished is especially important with limited mobility. -- If you like day-to-day visual feedback and encouragement, two Fitbit clip-ons (the Zip and the more expensive One) will sync with a computer (usb dongle) and/or a smartphone (bluetooth). I like that most of the Fitbits don't *require* a smartphone. PS: Trackers that claim to count stairs climbed will not count gym machine stair-climbers, because the trackers respond only to change in altitude. PPS: OLED readouts such as on Fitbit trackers are just about invisible outdoors in daylight. Presumably less of a problem if you carry a smartphone and sync as you go, but quite annoying for us leave-my-tech-at-the-office types. Report
A recent test of fitness trackers for measuring calories burned really opened my eyes. ALL of the trackers tested did not accurately measure calories burned. Some were off by over 90%!!!! The best one was off by 27%. Most could not even track steps accurately. There is no 'one size fits all'. Our bodies are different (height, weight, BMI, BF %. etc.) and these devices do not account for that. 'Caveat emptor' seems to be the phrase here. I would not trust any common device to tell me calories burned. I track my activities and then use information provided by sites such as Sparkpeople to help me estimate my burn. It also saves me $$$ by not needing to invest in unproven technology. Report
Need an update- Fitbit Alta has now got a heart rate monitor model Report
Maybe its just me but I would rather put more time into the activity than fiddling with what is fir a lot of people just another toy. Report
Those trackers all look great but I am just looking for something to track my steps, calories burned, distance and time. I simply can't afford any of the options listed being on an extremely limited budget and already struggling to make ends meet. We don't even have a basic cell phone. Report
I love that Q&A for choosing for your fitness tracker and I'd surely follow your answers.I' thinking to buy a new fitness tracker and I recently found an article about fitness tracker insights I hope you will love it...
ker-for-women/ Report
The article states that the Misfit Flash doesn't sync to an app. This is incorrect. It syncs to the Misfit app (and thus to SparkPeople), just as the Misfit Shine does. I've used a Flash for over a year. Report
My husband bought me a Runntastic Orbit for Christmas last year and for the price, I really enjoy the features and really love the app that I use with it. I was excited to see it on this list, but sad that I can't sync it on Spark. I guess it just isn't as popular :( Report

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