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Your Guide to Fitness Trackers

Pair Your Tracker with SparkPeople for Maximum Results


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Ineresting...I need a tracker that won't cause my metal skin allergies to flare up.
Maybe the non-wrist clip on would work better, altho some comments here make me think I could lose it easily.
Also, I don't have a Smart Phone and the ability to immediately send my Fitness Info to Spark Tracker is probably the most motivating reason to try this - so mayhbe working on getting the right phone is the first step I should consider taking. A pedometer would work in a lot of scenarios but not send the info for me. Report
i've had the fitbit one for over 4 years now and love its simplicity - slip it onto a bra strap in the morning and you are good to go. it does sync with my laptop, and also has an app on the iPhone. i can set the iPhone to track my walk as an activity and it shows the map where i have been, which is fun. it has other bells and whistles like tracking sleep, but have found they are unnecessary. it just... works. Report
I have the Garmin vivosmart HR and I love it. It tracks indoor running and walking as well as the steps they produce. It has a rechargeable battery which is great! Waterproof! It tracks swimming, too. Report
Just got a FitBit Alta for Christmas. I love it! I'm walking 3-4 times more steps, and I crossed 10K steps today! I've also lost 5 lbs already! No heart rate monitor, and not waterproof, so I'll have to log my swims manually, but it does track sleep and I can log water consumption on the app! Report
According to the Fitbit web page, the new Charge 2 has heart rate tracking, similar to the Charge HR. Charge 2 isn't shipping yet, as of 9/1/16. Report
I (gasp) do not own a smartphone. I was wondering if anyone knows of a tracker that would be compatible with my Chromebook laptop WITHOUT a smartphone - probably doesn't exist, huh? Report
I have had a Misfit Shine for over a year now... I love it! It syncs with SP, my iPad and my Android smartphone. One of the best "reward/gifts" I have bought for myself! Report
I don't have anything like this. I bought a pedometer recently, thinking that would be a great affordable option to help me track my fitness. However, it didn't come with very good instructions and I can't figure out how to get it to work accurately. I wish I had sent it back, but that would have cost me money. I would love to know what kind of sleep I am getting. I have a difficult time with sleeping. I'm not sure knowing exactly would really help solve the problem, though. I may just need a new mattress. Report
I enjoyed this article... Good comparisons, whether or not your particular activity is mentioned. I also enjoy reading the comments because it sets me thinking about the possibilities of using one's device (and also what isn't important - in case you are trying to simplify your approach to tracking). I use the FitBit One because I like the clip it / leave it on approach. Just my own preference. As an early adopter of the battery-fed step trackers like Omron (a really accurate model) I appreciate the fast USB charge for the current generation of activity trackers. The FitBit software, whether you use it on a mobile device or the desktop, has good motivational charts and plays nicely with the SparkPeople system. Report
I've used the Spark activity tracker in the past and it worked well but didn't track heart rate. I now have a Garmin Vivosmart HR and it's great! I didn't have to pay for it because I got it with points earned from BCBS fitness program, which was a bonus! Report
Interestingly, the Spark Activity Tracker is not included. Report
I receive a free tracker I won doing an survey, wear it every day it motivates me to walk/jog that extra mile. Love my tracker Report
I "downgraded" from the Fitbit Flex to the Fitbit Zip since the band gave me a rash. I like its discreetness and LOVE not having to charge it. I bought some extra colorful clips and never had an issue with them falling off. However, jwhen I go for long walks I attach a tiny lanyard just to be extra safe. Report
I love having a FITBIT FLEX! It works for my lifestyle and I like that I swap the band and wash it. I don't think I could get a tracker with a band that can't be changed. Report
Do I have to have a tracker or any item like that Report

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