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Maybe this link can help us Report
Going on a diet (let's call it what it is), to me, is controlling the calories I allow down my neck. I have been getting pretty good with maintaining that number to be between 1500 - 1700 each day. (I weigh 350+ right now).

When you start talking about all the other measurable things like salt and sugars and fat and cholesterol and all becomes mind-boggling. I have lost about 35 pounds thus far, but am at a standstill. On a plateau that will not break.

All these articles make it seem like I should have a full-time dietitian to plan and make all of my meals; because I cannot keep track of all of the different things I read about in these articles.

I am fat, but I am not a health guru. Sometimes, Spark makes me a little depressed sometimes. Report
I try to get in the calories I need. But it's hard. Report
this contradicts cico Report
Good article. Report
Water! Water! Water! Report
Good article and great tips from members re Lemonwater Report
Its a very benefits.
For more for a Water Lemon Diet: Report
I squeeze a lemon in a tall glass, add water along with stevia. Delicious fresh lemonade. It helps with the water intake. Report
How does anyone keep from snacking in the evening. I have a proper dinner and a glass of V8 before 9 pm but since I don't usually go to sleep before 11:30, the kitchen keeps calling my name. I always say kitchen closed after my V8, but have hard time listening to myself. Report
I notice that the count for carbs is total carbs and not net carbs. Is there any way to get your net carbs? Report
My recommended calorie range is exactly the same as my wife's, 1530-1880. How is that possible when we are the same age but different weights? Report
Does everyone get a calorie range of 1200-1550? With 60-136 g of protein?! It seems that's all I see in the comments. Should smaller people stick to the 1200? And larger ones to 1550? Hope it's not so because there goes the "custom" for each person. Report
Appreciate the nutrition helps and hints. Report
HAVING A HARD TIME USING YOUR PROGRAM. I TYPED IN COFFEE IT BROUGHT UP THE SELECTIONS AND THEN I put in eggs; it erased coffee but didn't show the places where it should be logged.
It is supposed to be free right.


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