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I am a type 2 diabetic. Is Spark People going to be able to help me with recipes and diet and nutrition for diabetics? Thank you Kandy Report
learn more about sodium intake and sodium food guide or food chart Report
Help I just found out I have high cholesterol and I am not sure what I can eat or do to get it lower. I hear conflicting reports on eggs and I like eggs in the morning with turkey bacon. I guess I need to make a list of the can/can't things to eat.
Thanks for the help. Report
what can I add to water instead of drinking straight water all the time: Report
Diadetes help
I am trying to eat more fiber and have started to eat a tossed salad every day. But I notice that on my nutrition page I list a cup of tossed salad and It counts it as zero fiber.
Slow eating: putting down my eating utensils between bites, no shoveling food.
Chewing & no more food until food is swallowed.
I am working on my goal weight with sparks people, the 20 more pounds
So far in total weight I have given away 50 pounds
I don't say lost weight because lost means you want it back instead I say given away Report
Can someone tell me how to estimate nutrition information when making casseroles? Report
I am new to the program and have a question about food portions. Is there somewhere on the site where you can get portion infor, e.g. baked chicken breast is listed as 0.5 bone skin removed - is this 0.5 lb and not 0.5 oz? Same with tuna don't understand how much i can have in one serving. Is there a chart that lists the portions and where do i find it??? Thanks Report
I joined the 30 fit food but when I try to put it into my tracker the food does not come up.
How do I keep track. Please Help. and thank you Report
Diverticulitis is an acute, painful condition requiring immediate medical attention. Do you mean diverticulosis? Avoiding corn and a lot of really coarse fiber helps. Check out for more ideas. Report
Becky could you please get ahold of me

Thanks Report
I love eggs and like to have them scrambled or hard-boiled. Why do they have to have so much fat calories. I don't like not having the yolk. Report
Hi , Iam new and havr question i have Diverticulitis can you suggests a meal plan for me i can have seeds,corn,berries,popcon,pineapplles,grap
efruits? I am hoping you can help! thanks Donna Report
I'm using gun clean shake. Can I add more than 8oz of water or milk to my shake? Report

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