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Could someone in the know, e mail me a list of low calorie FILLING foods? I'm ALWAYS hungry, and need to "FEEL" full. PLEASE HELP!!!! Report
where is the recipe calcu;ator located? Cleraly I am overlooking it somehow.

Thanks! Report
Hi...I am just new to this and have just started Wheat belly diet...But I seem to be getting more sensitive to golden I need to know what would be the best substitute? Thanks. Report
i would like to start a cleansing program for my husband and i, but the only thing is that he is on jantoven, which is a blood thinner, and he can not have any dark green leafy vegetables to his diet, because dark green veggies have vitamin k, and that makes the blood thicker, where he is a heart patient that needs to be on a blood thinner. so my question is, how do i go around this. i want for both of us to change, because i realize that the wrong foods do make you CRANKY, no pun intended. so please help us. i'm sure with the help from our Heavenly Father of Grace, he will show us. i know that he cleanses us from sin, and he also helps man to be cleansed from all evil of things that will harm us, cleansing us by his mighty hand of God of Glory.

Hello , My user name is eva2034 have been on D-Life since 2005 when I first got Diabetes, then in 2009 I was little overweight 160 Pounds having trouble getting it off me Carter Home Health Insurance told me about SP I was a little overweight I joined their Weight loss Program and used it until 1010 I became seriously ill and lost the weight down to 147, Do to loss of memory and a change in the Program for Diabetes in trying to get the Spark People back I could not get the program to work for me. I bought a new Computer and got the Program back but I am having trouble getting the information in the tracker right to track my food. I need a walk through on how to enter it into the tracked in sequence . Still trying to set up the total program. I am doing pretty good health wise now and would like to keep it that way. I do appreciate Spark People,I have enjoyed the Program very much Thank you Spark Guy. Report
Thanks found the answers to a few questions I had. Great articles. Report
How do I find the nutrition facts database? Report
South beach diet scam are provided South Beach Diet foods for a nutritious and delicious part of a healthy lifestyle.They provide you with a convenient way to make smart snack choices. Report
All I need is a salt free diet prescribed by my doctor for a severe heart problem. I do not need to lose weight or gain weight. Report
Hello, I too am new and am looking forward to learning as much as I can about a healthy lifestyle with all of you. Could someone tell me if grits, which is one of my most favorite things for breakfast is an ok food to eat. Report
I am new to using this website. I saw a dietitian yesterday & she suggested that I come here and use the site. I am 100 lbs overweight and I have bad arthritis in both knees and a lower spine this is in terrible condition. One doctor told me he would not operate on me because of my weight, so I lost 20 lbs and then put on 25 lbs. I am a mess. When I diet, I am good at it until I loose 20-30 lbs, then I stop loosing and I stop being careful. Therefore, I yo-yo. This has to stop. I must do something. Report
Maybe having your throid level checked by your doctor could help. Report
Hello.... I need some serious help!!!!! I intake 1200-1300 calories a day n between 130-150 carbs a day.... All of this come from meat fruits and veggies with very little bread cereal and dairy but I am gaining 1-2 pounds every day.. I do cardio 5-6 days a week and burn between 550-650 calories each day... I drink about 80 oz or water a day and still gaining weight... I have had my blood sugar levels checked and my thyroid and everything came back normal.... I am getting so depressed because no matter what I do I continue to gain weight every single day... Is there any one out there that can give me some pointers or information?!?!? Report
should i stick to the low end of the calories recommended for me or try to get the higher end amount? Report
I have found that I struggle to hit my minimum calories each day and that explains a lot about my inability to lose weight. Thanks to SP for getting me on the right track! Report

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