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The Science Behind Soy

Confused about Soy? You're Not Alone.


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Great info! Thanks for sharing this one!!!!! Report
SCARY :o Report
Thanks for sharing Report
Lots put on this bean/seed. I'm not fond of it. Report
1. No mention of fermented soy
2, This article should be retired from the Spark roster. Please present only CURRENT research, not 13 year old information. Report
Needs to be reviewed/updated. No mention of how much soy is GM. Report
Thanks for the article. Soy consumption is something I have avoided for a long time because of fears. Report
Thanks for the great article! :) Report
I have to limit my soy consumption due to Hashimoto syndrome Report
soy is not one of my favorites Report
Who'da thunk it? Report
I stay away from soy as much as possible Report
Great article! Report
Great article! Report

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