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Stop and Chew Your Dinner: The Benefits of Slowing Down While Eating


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This was the secret to the start of my weight loss Report
Common sense but then that ain't so common! Report
It does the tummy good! Report
Mindful eating is very important to our overall wellbeing Report
I must work on this. I know I sometimes eat too quickly. Report
my son said they only get a few minutes to eat in boot camp. how unhealth of a habit to teach. Report
I eat pretty slow because my digestive system has never let me eat fast, otherwise, I get sick and feel like I need to expel my food~ Report
I am a very slow eater. When we go out with others, as they finish their meal, I am half done. I request a box and then have a meal for the next evening. Report
Thank you for the excellent article Report
Excellent article! Thank you for the reminder! Report
Great article! Report
i do eat slow and i am the last one done when eating out
my problem is eating meal alone some times i don't fix sparky meals and when you don;t have more then soup and sandwich it seems i eat fast . Report
Great article! Report
Good reminders to always focus on the food as you’re eating. Report
I agree with all these suggestions to eat slowly except one~~
* Don’t eat amidst distractions, like the TV, computer, or while driving.*

I have found on my journey to lose weight that watching a movie with my huddy while eating our dinner in the evening...SLOWS my eating big time. Many times I have my fork in the air doing nothing while I slowly chew and waiting to see what happens next....or we often pause the movie to ask each other a question. Again....either chewing or at least waiting to put another bite in our mouths!

At lunch.....I either am sitting at my table reading ( hubby usually watches Star Trek on his tablet across from me ) And in the car ( often travelling at lunch time ) I read while I eat ( hubby drives LOL )
Again.....I find reading distracts me from stuffing my food down and does not take away the enjoyment of each and every bite that it seems I chew forever while I turn another page in my book!


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