Try Consistency Boards at the Office

100% success, 100% of the time. Is that what consistency means to you? If it is, you’re probably going to have a lot of trouble living up to this standard. A more realistic idea of the term might include the concept of two steps forward, one step back. In other words, as you progress towards your goal, even if you have a slip-up here and there, you are still well on your way. Room for an occasional failure is built right into this ideology.

You can use the idea of building up consistency in an office setting to create an environment for success. In the context of a wellness program, there are little things that a company can do that will add up to a big positive change. Looking for ideas of how to motivate employees on a regular basis to be healthier? Try developing a “consistency board” for the office.

Every couple of weeks, there is a different healthy challenge posted, whether it is to eat five servings of vegetables a day, drink eight glasses of water, or exercise for 30, minutes five days out of the week. Encourage all employees to become involved from the top down, and keep track of everyone’s progress. They’ll be motivated by seeing other’s success. Award prizes, not just for the “winner,” but for everyone that is able to remain “consistent” for those couple of weeks. Rewards, no matter how small, will teach all not to take their accomplishments for granted. This will motivate your employees to become healthier, which in turn means a healthier and more successful business.

Creating a consistency board allows everyone to have a healthy target to work towards. Everybody will become focused on that goal, encouraging others to strive towards it. Keeping a streak alive, no matter what goal is set, conditions the body and the mind to do positive things on a regular basis. Build on the goals, a two-week challenge can turn into a two-month or even one-year challenge. Keep the momentum moving, this proactive step will return healthier employees.

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Great ideas! Report
Great ideas! Report
Great Article! Thanks for sharing!!!! Report
Great suggestion. Report
Consistency is important. Report
What works at work doesn't always translate to the rest of your life, but try it and see. Report
Thanks for sharing! Report
Thanks Report
sounds helpful Report
Thanks Report
Good article Report
My company uses a competing wellness company's program (Sonic Boom). There are challenges set by my company, Sonic Boom, and employee created ones.

It's been kind of fun. One week, it was highest number of wall sits. Or the number of times one used the elevator rather than the stairs. Report
You'd better make sure that whatever groupthink extrovert nonsense you want to try and foist off on your hapless coworkers is first cleared with management.
I have a group of "Biggers Losers" in my office that weigh in every Monday morning in the empty office near where I sit....for several hours.
I know for a fact they've all got things that need to get done, but they're wasting time on their little weight-loss motivation sessions.
(Furthermore, they're all doing starvation diets for the contest, so I'm looking forward to a big, steaming helping of schadenfreude when they put all that weight back on when they start eating normally again.) Report
I think there's a misplaced comma in the phrase "exercise for 30, minutes five days out of the week." Report


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